Former NFL player Jerry Eckwood’s case resumes this week (TN)


WHAT HAPPENED: Early this year, the NFL Player Care Foundation brought to Davidson County Probate Court concerns that former Tampa Bay Buccaneer running back Jerry Eckwood needed a conservator to manage his finances. Judge Randy Kennedy set a one-day hearing to get testimony from Eckwood’s friends, family and caregivers, and a temporary conservator is necessary.

THE BACKGROUND: Worries about Eckwood surfaced after a representative from the NFL Player Care Foundation came to Tennessee last year to see the former running back. Eckwood, who now lives in an assisted living facility in Franklin, played in the NFL from 1979 to 1981. The Brinkley, Ark., native suffered multiple concussions during his career, which the NFL believes caused the dementia he was diagnosed with last year. He also suffers from a pre-existing mental illness, court records state.

WHAT NOW: Eckwood concedes that he needs help with his finances but believes his daughter, Jerval Watson, can help him. Eckwood told a court-appointed guardian that he wanted to live on his own and “get the NFL out of my business.”

WHAT NEXT: Judge Kennedy will hear from both sides at a 10 a.m. Tuesday hearing in probate court to make a decision in the matter.


Former NFL player Jerry Eckwood’s case resumes this week
Erin Quinn
May 8, 2011
The Tennessean  |

  • Davecook88

    I feel so bad for Jerry. He is a great, super talented man who had a lot of bad luck (injuries) after he got out of high school. He could have been an all-time great had he not had such bad luck. I know there are a lot of people out there who have had the same, but I watched him as far back as his Jr. year in HS and he had phenomenal talent, and has always been a good man. I hope whatever happens (ed) in this case is truly what is best for him in the long run. It’s so sad that he is only a wisp of the man he was.