Colorado probate system highlighted in Sydney Stone’s Blonde Justice web site


A new day will hopefully soon dawn in Denver’s probate court.  As with others, we’ll certainly be watching to see.

After 16 years of presiding over Denver’s only probate venue, C. Jean Stewart is stepping down.  Cases from Stewart’s court have routinely been highlighted as examples of questionable probate actions.

From the Lettie Milstein case to other stories from sources like The Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post, Judge Stewart’s probate operation has been high profile.  She even inspired a web site asking Colorodans to “vote no” on her retainment vote.

In the wake of this news, it’s not surprising that another web site chronicling a case before Judge Stewart has surfaced.  We encourage you to check out Sydney Stone’s Blonde Justice.  It’s a fascinating read and provides one more example of how probate venues and instruments are used to divert assets from intended heirs/beneficiaries.