Pondering the nature of wealth

Estate of Denial™ is fortunate to have a seriously thinking audience.  As Washington D.C. dominates current headlines, these remarks by Pat might provide enjoyable intellectual fodder for others:

The Citizens United case poses some interesting avenues of exploration like where the wealthy accumulate sufficient funds to invest in all those campaigns in order to seize the reins of power in legislatures, governments, and Congress.

While most are not inclined to ponder such issues, presuming that the wealthy just happen to be born with it, the “dark side of estate management” is surely a loophole that fits neatly into the criteria of whether the wealth simply redistribute wealth to themselves for such ulterior motives (as well as for self enrichment), or whether they are afforded such wealth by virtue of their positions through companies that opt to fund the campaigns.

Producers have never lacked for opportunities, and they are highly valued at companies for their performance. So, the question of redistributable wealth through estates and probate becomes a necessary inquiry where such wealth is used to influence government, and operates to reinforce the probability that such wealth may be used against consumers and taxpayers (to whom the wealth may have once belonged in the first place).

These “seemy sides of Wall Street walks, through and down the halls of corporate America” are not those any taxpayer or consumer hopes to walk, but to avoid the presumption of being “dead men walking” it is a necessary undertaking of a free society to make that inquiry, and to insure that it is not ancestral-transferred wealth that is making it possible for government to be hijacked from the taxpayer as the final insult.

It would be futile indeed if the round robin of working to accumulate wealth could be usurped by crooked attorneys, trustees, and Executors to fill their coffers only to have them work against consumers and taxpayers, starving them and the taxing authorities as well.

But there’s always tomorrow to think about that possibility……right?

Just how cruelly society is set up we have yet to ascertain.

At EoD, we are pro-wealth and prosperity.  In fact, some of us have spent our adult lives surrounded by people using accumulations of wealth to provide employment opportunities and to create other avenues of benefit that have positively impacted our family as well as untold numbers of others.

While money in and of itself is hardly the root of all evil, the way in which it is used can lead to some pretty heinous acts.  Choosing to be good/bad, honest/dishonest, upstanding/corrupt, fair/greedy.  That’s the decision influencing the effect of money.

It’s not hard to chart the choices of the grave robbers, property poachers and other asset looters who perpetually inspire Estate of Denial™.