From Ohio

Involuntary Redistribution of Assets Great Article!

Great information and my situation is nearly identical. My mother passed away 2 years ago. In her Will there is a section Article IV that has two options for me: #1 Get divorced and I get my share of a trust set up for me #2 Stay married to my wife of 20 years and my brother the Estate Administrator will provide money for my care and well being.

I took me 2 years, but now I know that there was no Trust and that 99% of all of my mother’s assets went to my only brother yet the Last Will clearly states that one half goes to each of us. This must be some NEW Scheme here is “why”.

The Greene County Ohio Probate Court does not have records on Trusts and ONLY the Attorney for my mother’s estate or my brother the Administrator have access to that information and neither of them are speaking to me. This Last Will was presented in Greene County Probate Court in 2009.

This is one easy scheme in my opinion and is nothing more that Fraud in the simplest form.


Robert Ayrsman

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