AZ Supreme Court suspends probate lawyers for professional standards violations

2 Arizona lawyers suspended for violations
Associated Press
January 12, 2011

PHOENIX – The state Supreme Court has suspended two attorneys who practice in probate law for violating professional standards.

John F. Giles was suspended on an interim basis after he failed to respond to allegations that he misappropriated trust funds. Giles practices in Phoenix and was suspended effective Jan. 4, 2011.

The Supreme Court also suspended probate lawyer Marshall Fealk of Tucson for 30 days after he admitted he failed to safeguard his clients’ property and didn’t comply with trust account requirements. His suspension begins on Feb. 4.

Fealk will be on probation for a year after his suspension ends.

  • Kim

    At this point, and time, after so many years, and so many attorneys getting away with this very thing, finally a couple get into trouble for their abuse of power, and positions.

  • Bea Riddle

    yes, so many that we can not keep up with them. our judges who stand by them and allow these preditors to continue confiscating are filled up with court cases and low and behold, heaven help the judges who refuse to see thru the screens and smoke.

    so i ask you………..why stop?! why should these people stop being ‘sharper and brighter then the next guy. What the Heck – if they don’t do it, someone else will! and double Heck – they may not even get caught!! and tripple Heck – if they get caught the slap on the wrist is so slight and no one has money left to go back to court and actually have the funds refunded so Quadripple Heck – why not just go for the gold; nothing in this world is stopping them.

    shame on the Judges of Probate (especially in Washington County of the State of Oregon).