Exposing the corruption of probate court (part one)

Voices of Truth Today (January 12, 2011)

This Nov. 4, 2010, video was posted as an illustration of the tone and conduct to which probate case litigants appearing before a Maricopa Superior Court (AZ) judge were subjected.  Click here for a link in our Stories of Denial.


  • Anonymous

    Several law firms are involved here and they issued a subpoena which the Judge feels was 1) behind his back 2) too overly broad; harassing; a tactic of delay, and 4) he responded to it in a harsh and final way.

    This is a mob of attorneys and they have a mob mentality, the Judge feels, and he isn’t going to allow it to get stronger.

    Somehow, this website thinks the Judge is unreasonable.

    It is difficult to decide as the video is incomplete, but I have no problem assuming the Judge is correct and I applaud him for taking the firm stand he did.

    I do not understand how this was supposed to be an example of a corrupt Probate Court. These two videos did not expose anything remotely close to corruption.