‘Probate stench’ follows attempted CT estate looting action

Probate Stench: Developer Suing Over Smoron Farm
Rick Green
December 17, 2010
Hartford Courant

The developer who signed a deal so he could acquire the lucrative Smoron Farm has gone to court to get the land.

Carl Verderame, a Southington developer, signed a deal to buy the Smoron Farm from three local churches under a scheme engineered by John Nugent, who was supposed to be looking after the interests of the elderly and dying Josephine Smoron.

Smoron’s will handed the farm to her longtime caretaker, Sam Manzo. He has no interest in selling the farm to Verderame, a well-connected Southington developer who does business as Central Connecticut Contracting.

smoron suit.JPGWithout telling Smoron and Manzo, Nugent changed Smoron’s estate, leaving the old farm long I-84 near Queen Street to three local churches along with the contract to sell the farm to Verderame.

Verderame’s contract to buy the land for $1.5 million was never approved by probate court, which is required by law.

The case is now before judges in Superior and Probate courts. The original probate judge in the case, Bryan Meccariello, withdrew from his re-election race after he was sanctioned by a judicial oversight panel. Nugent faces possible disbarment.