AZ attorney recounts ‘A Sad Courtroom in the USA’

Check out our Stories of Denial section for background and a poem written by an Arizona attorney representing members of the Disney family in a guardianship dispute.

A Sad Courtroom in the USA

I sat in a courtroom in the USA
A judge demanded we appear that day;

I gathered my clients as ordered to do;
Why was he so mad; I had not a clue.

In all my years in and out of the courts
I couldn’t imagine a judge more out of sorts,
Not in contracts, nor criminal, or even in torts.

I watched in this courtroom in the USA
Where nothing made sense about this sad day.

The judge said we were guilty without hearing our side;
He said we conspired, and that even we lied.

He called us the culprits without asking why;
We begged him to listen, but he would not even try.

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