Transcript exposes process in Danny Tate questionable conservatorship case

We’ve written previously about a situation exposed on Impeachrandykennedy’s Blog in which the Davidson County (TN) probate court denied the existence of court records (transcripts or audio) for two 2007 hearings associated with the conservatorship case of Nashville musician Danny Tate.  With Tate not even aware, much less in attendance for the first hearing which began the stripping of his Constitutional rights, these records are seen as critical to any appeal or other future legal action.

Video from the Oct. 23, 2007, ex parte hearing, is now posted and accessible at Impeachrandykennedy’s Blog.  Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

A transcription of the proceeding is now becoming available.  The transcription is accompanied by a commentary which per  Impeachrandykennedy’s Blog “will be important for the uninformed viewer  to read, step by step, how due process was ignored, the court was defrauded, the conservator statutes were violated, but Judge Kennedy sanctioned  it all without investigation; and a certain suspicious alliance to Paul Housch.” encourages a review of this material to see the administrative ease and casualness of process associated with the removal of a person’s individual freedom and property rights.  Two parts have been posted to date.

Transcript: Ex Parte Hearing (the Danny Tate Case)

Transcript from Ex Parte Hearing (Part 2)