UK Court of Protection accused of mass fraud

UK Court of Protection in Spotlight over Alleged Mass Fraud
October 27, 2010

Following a 2009 report in the UK Daily Mail regarding the Court of Protection seizing assets worth GBP 3.2 B of thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people and turning control of their lives over to the State – against the wishes of their relatives, MAARS News has now been made aware of continuing alleged abuses by both the UK Office of Public Guardian and the Court.

On October 3, 2010 a Google blogger from Canada posted a politically sensitive letter online. The letter was sent to David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, and the UK Secretary of State and Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clarke. It publicly reveals the lack of risk management procedures at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) and the Court of Protection (COP).

These two UK governmental departments are charged with the protection of the most vulnerable people in society – the elderly, the mentally ill, and children.

The letter includes references to a named judge in the Family Courts, the Public Guardian, the Master of the Court of Protection, and the President of the Family Courts, none of whom, the blogger alleges, practiced, nor do they currently practice, “due diligence” in averting fraud or potential fraud upon the unsuspecting British public – all facilitated through the Office of the Public Guardian, the Court of Protection, and/or the Family Courts.

This comes on the heels of a Report of the Ad Hoc Court of Protection Rules Committee, which committee included Martin John, Public Guardian, and Judge Denzil Lush, now Senior Judge at the Court of Protection. The report was released in June 2010 and appears to indicate reluctance on the part of the Ad Hoc Committee to close up these fraud enablement loopholes. The blogger also suggests that the committee members should have comprised persons without investment or personal interest in the Court of Protection rules.

Further, the blogger suggests that there is a purpose, or ulterior motive, behind this reluctance to change.

The report can be viewed HERE.

Also posted online is a letter to Judge Denzil Lush who, at the date of the letter, was Master of the Court of Protection and is considered an expert on Public Guardianship law, writing books and speaking as a keynote speaker around the world, and who is now Senior Judge in the Court of Protection. A copy of the letter was sent to Sir Mark Potter who, at the time, was President of the Family Courts.

The letter reveals loopholes in the British legal system which could enable fraud on a massive national scale. The blogger intimates that concerns were expressed to the Ministry of Justice and other high places in government, but ignored, and that there is supportive documentation. Allegations of human rights violations are made in the letters. The concerns expressed are potentially of interest to Public Guardians and the general public worldwide.

The letters can be viewed online at

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