CT letter to editor on Smoron estate, Meccariello conduct

Impeachment Clearly Called For In Probate Case
Letters to the Editor
October 18, 2010
Hartford Courant

Shame on the Council on Probate Judicial Conduct for only censuring Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello when the Josephine Smoron property disinheritence case clearly calls for impeachment [editorial, Oct. 4, "The Least He Could Do"].

Mr. Meccaraiello said he feels vindicated because he wasn’t charged with corruption but was instead simply forced not to run for re-election. Is the legal understanding of the definition of corruption different from the layman’s term? Corruption being the impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle.

If disinheriting a person of money or property or altering a will isn’t corruption or morally wrong, then what is?

Is “disinherit” the new legalese for stealing? What good is a will if even the judge doesn’t adhere to it? What good is a watchdog council if it only watches out for its own? There have been only two censures in 35 years. That speaks for itself.

How do you disregard the will of an old woman who wanted nothing but for her farm to go to Sam Manzo, Ms. Smoron’s longtime caretaker?

If the legal system works, this property will go to Mr. Manzo, its rightful owner. He says he wants to keep it as a farm. Let him do with it as he wishes, or let the General Assembly step in and do the right thing. Our probate system also needs to be censured.

Marie Tuccitto, Southington