From California


This all takes place in Northern California. Our mother has had an incredible scheme run on her estate by 2 very sick and unscrupulous people – her boyfriend and his daughter who is a professional at IRA and their lawyer from San Jose has a reputation for doing anything to make a buck. Not a bit of moral fiber amongest these three.

My mom and her boyfriend told us they were starting a living trust to avoid taxes on their estate,(their estate they said was valued at 760,000 at the time of mother’s passing.) Coincidently the daughter and her 1st husband started a trust 1 month before, wonder who put the idea in my mothers head. Anyhow mother and he are getting older 86 and 83 respectively having health problems she starts showing signs of dementia and Alzhiemers. The daughter is a pro at IRA she took her first husbands estate away from his deserving daughter having separated from him for three years its how she makes her money she isn’t employed.

They procure POA and Appointment of Agent the trust for the daughter, with undue influence the documents were brought to my mom to sign and has the county the daughter lives on them scratched out and the county they live in hand written in its place. My mother did not seek these documents on her own. My mother passes away. My brother removed as co trustee so its just the boyfriend and daughter in control they are liquidating my mother’s 390,000 irrevocable trust at a rate of 67,000 in 9 months using none of their money to pay any bills.  They will end up with the house, all the money from the estate (which my mother inherited from her sister). And the rightful heirs of hers will get nothing not her ashes, nothing.



Richard Nelson

Stories of Denial