Estate dispute program planned for NY area

Came across this on Gerry Beyer’s Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog:

Are you an attorney that has worked with elder care and family estates? Did you have clients that have argued over a loved one’s Will? Do you know of families that need help resolving family conflicts and evaluating the worth of objects in their Estate?

A Emmy award winning production company is casting families as well as estate and elder care attorneys who would be an integral part of this estate dispute TV pilot. The attorney will be in the position of mediating these families estate disputes.

Almost all family members MUST reside in the NY Tri-State Area and there must be objects of interest and varying degrees of value in the estate. We are looking for attorney’s with energetic personalities and credited credentials as well to be in the role of mediator.

If interested OR know anyone that might be, please email your bio, contact as well as 2 updated pictures of yourself to: or call 212-741-2224.

We’re glad attention to probate issues is increasing.  It will be interesting to see the position of this show.  From our experience, people targeted in estate disputes sadly (and often involuntarily!) become suitable fodder for The Jerry Springer Show, but that doubtfully will be this program.  In fact, we’d predict this show will likely provide a view of  theoretical above-board workings of the legal system and that’s fine.

Opportunity presents itself in many ways.  The greed of disgruntled family members or other wannabe heirs should never be downplayed, however always welcomes entries into discussing the reality of probate venues and/or instruments (wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney) being too often used as  income generating ploys in which estate disputes are sometimes contrived or perpetuated by members of the legal industry for their own self-enrichment.  The quiet nature of these acts along with the protectionist nature of the legal industry put property and other rights of an unsuspecting public at great risk.