From an EoD reader

My mother is a victim of hostile predatory guardianship, having had her estate documents canceled unlawfully, which has damaged her and family members and others.  She adopted 8 children after I was born, and 4 of them have now banded together, with the guidance of a “quasi-legal” cousin from out of state, to use the guardianship to get some sort of revenge and enlarge their inheritance by withholding her care money.

I had too much faith in the justice system, but no longer after 2 harrowing years. Our state law allows “majority rule” for convenience of the perpetrators regardless of documents, laws, injustice, or corruption.  I have been speaking, informing others, and trying to work with legislators to raise awareness of the guardian abuse problem and to help bring about change.

Your article “Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA)” posted Dec. 2007 is an excellent description of all aspects of the scenario we faced.  Could I have permission to use that article to help present my concerns and facts when I speak to legislators and others with potential influence?

Thank you.

Stories of Denial