Some good news for Danny Tate

Positive developments today as Danny Tate appeared in a Nashville court room before Judge Randy Kennedy for a hearing regarding his conservatorship.  Kevin Montgomery’s post on the Friends for Danny Tate’s Defense FB page gives a rundown:

I just got off the phone with Danny. I’m so fired up I can hardly put it into words. We had a little victory in court today. Danny’s attorney was finally awarded his fees! Word is that it was a different Judge Kennedy, and a different Paul Housch in the courtroom today! 10 people showed up with “Free Danny Tate” t-shir…ts (with less than 24 hours notice), and everyone in the courtroom was very aware of their presence.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t let out of the conservatorship, but this is a minor battle that we won with the brilliance of his attorney, Danny’s courage in walking into that court, and the 10 people that showed up to scrutinize the court in a public fashion.

This photo and caption were also posted:


this photo is from around 12:30 today outside the courthouse , where Danny’s lawyer was explaining the case and telling us about the laws concerning conservatorship … pretty frightening how much it strips a person’s most basic rights away …it is about the most unjust/fair thing I have ever been witness too – the lawyer said murder’s (those convicted) have more rights than a person under this law … the lawyer also said the judge was being much more kind and fair today …because he knew there was a spotlight on him – and part of that is from those of you who are part of this group – he said it made a real difference , and from what I saw and heard today – things are looking up for Mr Danny Tate , and if it could happen to someone as kind and talented and smart as him, it could happen to anyone

We’re still working to find out the disposition of independent medical evidence being allowed.  Meanwhile, Danny just did a nice job with an interview on WPKN out of Connecticut, a state which is no stranger to probate corruption.  We got in a little too late to record it, but some audio will hopefully surface and we’ll be glad to post it.