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I’m hoping you get this email as it’s information not many understand. When anyone reports to the “state” bar, they are reporting to a “union” for attorneys. This agency is not affiliated with any “state” agency. It is governed by the attorneys themselves. If you do report misconduct, you are told to go civil. If a court finds this attorney to be guilty, then the bar will step in and take the license or penalize the attorney in some way. These attorneys pay dues to this union so the bar does not want to step on any toes and loose those dues. Putting “state” in the name causes misunderstandings. I thought it was a state agency and after much wasted time and energy, I realized the purpose to this union is to protect, not punish, the attorneys.

My complaints were documented unethical and dishonest behavior by a local attorney. The bar, after much determination from me, did look at the complaints from many clients but did nothing. My first contact was met with “You can go civil on this.” I wrote back and told them it was their problem since this attorney is representing their agency. That did get some attention but not enough. Then I went to a public meeting in San Francisco and spoke. Again, I got their attention but again, they did nothing.

I understand the confusion and there should be a law against this agency using the term “state” in their title but there isn’t. It’s just very misleading!

I may be telling you something you are already aware of, but many people are not.

Stories of Denial
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    I appreciate the information–thanks.