Estate news abounds!

Leave town for two days and it’s amazing the things that happen.  If this is a trend, look for the next week to be equally active as we’re “on the road” again in but hours.

To recap, we’ve posted a more background on the Maryland shooting in which the defendant is now being barred from liquidating the estate of his wife – the woman he is alleged to have killed – as his conviction would require the invocation of the state’s slayer statute.

A tentative ruling in the Ike Turner estate trial seems to be favoring the late musician’s children.  We’ll keep you posted when a final ruling is handed down.

Korbel owner Gary Heck and his daughter, Richie Ann Samii have elected to settle their dispute over the family’s vast holdings in lieu of a court battle that seemed destined for some real nasty turns.  Hope this helps each of them to find some peace – or in the case of some folks we know, at least an absence of continually seething ill-will.

In the ongoing saga of Anna Nicole Smith, John O’Quinn, the Houston attorney who represented Virgie Arthur, Smith’s mother, in the body disposition hearings (remember – the national debut of “Judge Larry” Seidlin), died in a car crash late last week.  Also, a California judge has ordered Howard K. Stern and company to stand trial on charges of enabling Smith’s prescription drug addiction.

And finally, a Las Vegas assisted living facility is under investigation.  This facility is known to EoD as it was prominently mentioned in stories we’ve posted about the plight of Marcy DuDeck.

Looking forward to joining Gary Johnson on Live and Let Live in about an hour – 8 p.m. CDT.  Hope you will tune in!