From Florida

Read of your website on Thought the thread linked below might be of interest. In it, people discuss your organization and the thugs who violate our rights and steal our inheritances under color of law – lawyers, nursing homes, social workers and the courts who frame their mischief by decree.

Our family has been victimized by these thugs, who violated a Living Trust, keep us away from my father, and left people dead before their time.

We’ll not stop until these people either go to prison, quit their racket, or get off the planet.

Those who violated our rights will pay the price of public exposure, along with all others we can uncover who scam the elderly and invade families for profit via the courts, a process we call Judicial Terrorism.

Thank you for the work you do and the compelling website, will follow and publicize it gladly.


Paul. V. Zecchino

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