Death tax, deliberations and demon guardians

Our friend Dick Patten from the American Family Business Foundation has sent out a new report on the Death Tax:

The death tax, which negatively affects family businesses, will soon be modified. In a rare opportunity, Congress can increase its revenues, increase employment and stimulate the economy if it chooses to repeal the death tax. If the death tax returns to its 2001 (high) levels, Congress will collect less revenue while the country will have fewer companies and fewer jobs. All sectors of the economy, and especially the individual states, have much at stake.

Click here to read the entire study.

Meanwhile, the Astor trial is winding down.  With no proceeding scheduled for tomorrow, jurors are expected to hear the last of closing arguments Friday morning and move into deliberations on Monday.

We’ve also posted recent stories by Janet Phelan regarding public corruption and its ties to the California guardianship industry.  The stories are long, but provide a good understanding of estate looting logistics.  Some might say the “devil” is in the details – we’d say the devil and demon militias are actually in legal offices as well as feckless law enforcement and other governmental agencies – including the California Attorney General’s office.  Read for yourself and see if you agree.

And lastly, a new Estate looting 101:  trusts – should you? column is posted at  Hope you’ll check it out.