From Canada

With regard to professional guardians, I am constantly amazed that there is no governing body overseeing these people and their reign of terror continues.  I am wracking my brain to think of ways to illuminate the problem and to generate outrage.

So many people hear the stories, some are outraged and some are not. It’s shocking to me to see people who think it doesn’t affect them, just brush it off. The ones who are outraged generally don’t DO anything about it.

We need large numbers of people to turn their outrage into action.  I have submitted another post on the CBC site urging people to contact the BC PGT, to express their outrage and to demand that the rest of the money taken from Sheila’s JOINT account with Marion Flowers be returned to Marion.  They have NOT posted it yet.  I will keep monitoring however.

Thanks for the amazing work you’ve done to illuminate the problem.


Stories of Denial
  • Darlene

    Most people do not want to get involved, unless or until it happens to them. Then it is too late!

  • Jules

    Greed, greed, greed.

    Still around I am afraid to say

    That is the motivation behind all these sad stories.

    Hope they all get caught