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May 30, 2009
Contact: Mary Beth Smith


Family Battling Guardianship May Go to Jail

Nieces of 93-year-old Lydia Tyler say their aunt was targeted with an unwarranted guardianship as a tactic for looting assets from her multi-million dollar estate. A legal battle to have the guardianship revoked and to compel an accounting of her financial status may land two of the nieces, Mary Lynn Drabik and Mary Sue Richards, both of Phoenix, in jail.

The two women say Cook County Probate Judge Maureen E. Connors has allowed counsel for one of the delinquent fiduciaries to press false “direct criminal contempt” charges as a result of the women’s continued pursuit within the civil court system to protect their aunt’s interests from what they believe is a coordinated effort on the part of Tyler’s guardians and associated parties to deplete her estate.

Ruling was issued Friday, May 29, to bar Drabik and Richards from further involvement in resolving their aunt’s affairs.  Judge Connors has scheduled ruling for 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 3, on the contempt charges. Drabik and Richards face a fine of up to $500 and/or three days in the Cook County jail.

Guardianships have become controversial as families across this country learn the increased commonality of these probate instruments being abused as targeted individuals experience a deprivation of their liberty and a looting of their assets.

Photo ops as well as interviews with the family will be available.


The Family of Lydia Tyler


Cook County Probate Judge Maureen E. Connors’ Ruling on “direct criminal contempt” charges against Mary Lynn Drabik and Mary Sue Richards.


10 a.m. Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Richard J. Daley Center
Court Room 1814
50 West Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601


Stories of Denial
  • Gloria Jean Sykes

    This needs to be updated. I’m also a victim of Judge Connors courtroom, where GAL’s continue to prejudice the Court with serious allegations regarding my person, character, and loving relationship with my mother, Mary G. Sykes. My sister Carolyn Toerpe has put forth a war against me and is using my mother as her pawn; it’s already known that Carolyn rendered my mother insignificant. Suffice to say, if you say anything against any of Connor’s GAL’s she doesn’t like you and refuses to even show a sense of impartiality; she has been advocating for my sister and my mother only wants to return to her home, be with me, and live out her life accordingly. THey rendered my mother incompetent for money and now my sister is selling all of mom’s antique furniture and trying to take my money and force me to sell my home. It’s a horror story, but the Marys need to update their story. 773/910-3310

  • Robert Gettinger

    Victims of UNETHICAL judges are forming support groups on Facebook at and by contacting people are being murdered for profit by judges who turn their cheek when unethical lawyers break the law. Aviva K. Bobb is just one of many judges who LIE, ignore crimes against seniors, allow drugging and falsify documents. Bobb influences police to stop whistle blowers who contact authorities and inform them of her unethical behavior.