RightOnline blogger event a success

The estate looting trial of Anthony Marshall and Francis X. Morrissey is back underway.  It’s moving into the area of analyzing the attorneys involved, their conduct and how Brooke Astor may have been unduly influenced into signing documents altering her long-standing asset distribution wishes.  This should be an interesting week.

Check back with EstateofDenial.com this week as we have a number of interesting posts planned for the upcoming days.  We’re a bit backlogged after attending a RightOnline Blogger & Online Activist Day at the Texas State Capitol, but it was a great event well worth the time.

Gov. Perry responds to a question posed by James Bernsen, Texas Republic News

Gov. Perry responds to a question posed by James Bernsen, Texas Republic News

The event, hosted by Americans for Prosperity Texas, was opened by Erik Telford, AFP Director of New Media.  We spent an informal hour with Gov. Rick Perry and heard his comments on many things including the use of New Media technologies.  In addition to receiving updates from David Guenthner (Texas Public Policy Foundation), Will Lutz (The Lone Star Report) and Michael Quinn Sullivan (Empower Texans), James Bernsen, Texas Republic News, described his site’s recent entry into the Texas-based blogosphere and what he thinks is needed for success.

While important information was received, it is always an additionally motivating experience to spend time in the company of media professionals who take seriously the responsibility that comes with disseminating news and/or opinion-oriented content to the public.