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Leung’s credibility challenged
Adele Wong
May 22, 2009
The Standard
The credibility of a witness in the probate battle for the estate of the late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu- sum was challenged in the Court of First Instance yesterday over his purchase of land from the Chinachem Group.

On day nine of the legal tussle between Chinachem Foundation and fung shui instructor Tony Chan Chun-chuen, disgraced legislator Gilbert Leung Kam-ho – who served time in prison during the 1990s for election bribery – admitted Chinachem had asked if he could “help” with a plot of land in Tai Po which the late Teddy Wang Teh- huei, Wang’s kidnapped husband, had purchased from Leung in 1988.

In May 2007, Leung had signed a witness statement for the probate hearing with the foundation.

Testifying on Wednesday, he said that the land acquisition from the Chinachem Group by his company the following month had nothing to do with the case.

He said he had only purchased the land because a village representative who lived near the plot had called him to ask for help in mediation, as there was opposition to Chinachem’s plans to develop the land, the court heard.

However, yesterday Leung said he had advised the villagers to write a letter to Chinachem Group to voice their concerns, and consequently Chinachem had shown him the letter when he visited its offices and asked for his help. When judge Johnson Lam Man-hon asked Leung to clarify when this incident had occurred, Leung said it took place after he signed his witness statement for Chinachem.

The court also heard on Wednesday that building a Buddhist temple was one of the plans Leung and the directors of his company had considered for the land.

Leung had even sent a proposal to a potential investor by the name of Edmond Tsang showing an estimated net profit of HK$360 million, barrister Ian Mill said.

Continuing his testimony yesterday, Leung said he found it “surprising” when he heard that Chan and Wang were longtime lovers,

as when he first introduced Chan to Wang in 1992 “one was happily married and the other was missing her husband so much.”

The hearing continues on June 1 after a one-week break.