Rainville replaced as probate judge

New probate judge appointed in WW
Hannah Clarkin
April 10, 2009
Kent County Times
WEST WARWICK — A majority vote replaced Probate Judge Robert Rainville with Brenda Carcieri at Tuesday’s West Warwick Town Council

Rainville had been probate judge for the town for eight years, Council President David Gosselin said. Carcieri is a former town prosecutor, Council Vice-President Angelo Padula said. She was replaced by J. Patrick O’Neil two years ago.

The council chose Carcieri 3-2 with Padula moving her name to the table, Councilwoman Filomena Gustafson seconding the motion and
Gosselin adding the third vote. Council members Ed Giroux and Peter Calci dissented.

There were several other applicants for the position, Giroux said to the council, and he did not want to choose one until the council had an opportunity to interview them one by one.

“Since we advertised this as a job — this position was never before advertised — we should give them a chance to present themselves to this council,” Giroux said.

Especially, given the concerns that Padula had with Rainville, Giroux added, it would be prudent to ask each applicant how they would handle situations in the probate court.

“I know you’re trying to non-politicize this position,” Giroux said. “Members of this body were upset with some of the things that [Rainville] did. But who’s to say, without talking to the prospective candidates, that they won’t take the same positions as [Rainville]?”

Calci did not want to vote without conducting interviews either, he said.

Rainville was among the applicants who applied for the position, Giroux added, and all the candidates were qualified for the position.

Going off of resumés was sufficient, Padula said, because the council had never done anything more in the past.

“I put [Carcieri’s] name forward because she had the best resumé,” he said. “It was very, very phenomenal. She was our prosecutor a few years back and she was fired a week before Christmas with a majority of the council.”

He has no personal problem with Rainville, Padula said. “But there was a lot of controversy [about him]. He was told to resign; he refused to resign, so we moved forward with Carcieri. And it is the pleasure of the council to appoint the judge.”

He does wish that more West Warwick residents applied for the position, Padula said, mentioning that Carcieri is from East Greenwich and none of the applicants were from within the town.

“I guess people in the town didn’t apply because it would be a conflict of interest and they wouldn’t be able to handle the probate court.”

In spite of his reservation about the method of selecting the new probate, Giroux did give his best wishes to Carcieri, he said.

“I respect the majority of the council. I do wish her the best and congratulate her.”

After taking the vote Gosselin thanked Rainville for his eight years of service. Rainville was present but made no comment.