From Texas

Thank you for your efforts to expose the horrors which our most vulnerable citizens, even children have been subjected by the same government which is supposed to serve and protect. I was ignorant about these horrors, I had to find out the hard way; but, I didn’t stop until I found out what was behind the disgraces in care and protection at the local, state, and federal level of government. I even found most of the advocacy groups have been influenced and infiltrated with the greed industry’s money. I supplied much information to Nanci Wilson of KEYE TV News as she was exposing the drugging of children in the foster care system. I had been working with Allen Jones (Pennsylvania O.I.G. Investigator, Whistle Blower) to expose the TMAPS deal.

I didn’t want to know about any of this, I would have never imagined such horrors supported by our government. Had it not been for a guardianship turned arena of deceit to protect the nursing homes, “big pharma”, and local investors, my mother would have been saved and I would have never found out the rest of the horrors.

I have hard evidence of the arena of deceit that happened in Hood County guardianship, they never expected that I would buy  court transcript due to the high cost of transcription. I did it so that the Attorney AdLitem (brother of the Republican District Judge) could be prosecuted for Criminal Official Mis-Conduct (a felony). I never dreamed that the local D.A. would not prosecuted the brother of the District Judge. I thought there was surely a level of government which still honored the courts, the public trust, the lives, and the rights of our vulnerable citizens.

My nightmare started in 2001 and it will never end. You never get over finding out that you can’t trust your own government. I still communicate with Allen Jones and I supplied him much of his information on TMAPS guidelines being followed in nursing homes. Most citizens don’t know why the truth about TMAPS had to come from an investigator from another state. I know, because after Texas A.G. joined Allen’s lawsuit in 2006, I got my first honest answer from the Texas A.G.’s MEFU Director. When I asked him why the truth had to come from another state, after all the info. I supplied starting in 2002, why I was victimized by those who are supposed to serve and protect (just for daring to notice and complain), he said “Mrs. Durant, You’ll have to ask your elected officials.

Fighting until there is an end to the disgraces in care and protection,

Brenda Durant (Mother’s Advocate)

Stories of Denial