From Massachusetts

My son, a minor and I are involved in a nightmare ordeal, due to MA attorneys and Cambridge probate court. We are out of state residents.  My husband was “owner” of MA real estate.  He died unexpectedly years ago. The self dealing manager of my husband’s property forced us into MA probate court for bogus reasons.

It turns out the manager felt entitled to own my husband’s property/estate but didn’t want to buy it (he wanted me to “give” it to him).  I paid attorneys to “represent” us in MA probate court.  The manager paid lawyers from my husband’s property to stage nasty court battle. Forcing us into court didn’t make any sense.  However MA Judges didn’t care about us, didn’t investigate anything or require any accountability from Peter for my husband’s estate.

My former lawyer authorized herself to draft “trusts” and name herself “trustee.”  She pays herself and her partner from our accounts with no accountability.  She is filing our tax returns, claiming K1″income” we never received.

We are in a pit, our situation is getting more toxic and insane.

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