From Florida

I live in SFl. and my mother was a victim of forced guardianship. It was family inspired and turned over to a corporate guardian, 12 weeks later my mother was dead. She was  put into Hospice with a diagnosis of terminal cancer  only one problem:  She was NEVER diagnosed by a doctor for the illness she was said to have and she was admitted without any paperwork from  her doctors. I have since gotten  her medical  records and her diagnosis was colitus the guardians have alleged colon cancer,end term.  So now it looks like there is a possible wrongful death.

This situation has turned from simply stealing our parents money to promoting their untimely death to simply end their involvement when they decide to end it. Please  think about doing another show on this topic I have been on other radio shows and would love to speak to you personally.

Thank you,

Bonnie Reiter

Stories of Denial