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Estate of Denial was copied on the following two letters written in May 2008 by William Roberts of Chico, CA.  The first was directed to governmental officials – both elected and otherwise -  at the state and national levels.  These officials included President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other California state administration members.  The second letter is to a Florida television reporter/columnist.

These two letters are great examples of the attempts Involuntary Redistribution of Assets victims are making across the country to help bring awareness to this issue.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to ask all of you just one small request.  If you could find it in your heart to view the short videos listed below I will make you a promise.

If after viewing these videos from so many people, just basic American folk, and you don`t cry just a little………. just a little, I will bury my sword and never bother you again!  I promise!

And, if after viewing these videos you still have the cahones to turn a deaf ear…….. well, like Gandhi said when asked what he thought of “western civilization.”  He replied, “I think it would be a wonderful idea!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, if these videos do not bother you……….. then that is all America is!  Or was!  A wonderful “idea!”

Mother is a Victim of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse!!! Don’t let it happen to someone you love

Elder Abuse-Easy Money – Joseph T. Quattrochi Sr

Elder Abuse – Easy Money

This could happen to someone you love!

How can this happen?


Nursing Home Prisoner

Never Use The Indianapolis probate Court!

My Fox New York

My Fox New York Pt 2

My Fox 9  The Power of One

My Fox 9   A Call for Change

CBS  Call Kurtis

The Morning Show pt 1

The Morning Show pt 2

Dear Mr. Putney

My name is William Roberts of Chico, California.  And as a non-Florida resident, Sir, I would, please, ask for just 20 seconds of your time.

There are many letters from Florida residents that are being circulated across the country.  Letters that ask and beg for help from various Florida State agencies.  Letters that describe a nightmare of a Florida guardianship system!  Stories that tell of corruption, State officials that turn a deaf ear, judges that will not look into these matters, properly, and their mothers and fathers being, financially, raped, neglected, shut off in nursing homes and stripped of their rights!

And Mr. Putney, it is not confined to only Florida.  It is nation wide!  But it seems the Florida State Justice department does business a little dirtier than other states.  Or perhaps they are heavily invested in the cruel and inhumane treatment of the elderly.

Mr. Putney, we have fought bloody wars over less than this and all these people are asking is to be heard.  Isn`t your platform, “The media’s job is to interest the public in the public interest?”

Thank you for your time, Sir. (NASGA)
( (Stop Abusive Conservatorships – Now)

William Roberts
Chico, CA 95926

Stories of Denial