From Washington

You have an outstanding site.

I am on the board of NASGA and currently writing a book regarding this assault on our elders.  My mom was a victim six years ago – for a very short time.  Our losses were nothing compared to other victims – but a major loss for me was the trust and faith I had in the judicial system – I approached the courtroom with awe – even reverence – only to discover it was itself, the scene of the crime.

My site is  It is nowhere near as nicely organized as yours.  I wasn’t computer savvy enough to reorganize and adjust when I added things – so it’s jumbled. I haven’t been there in months because I’ve been working on a media project for NASGA.  I keep it up just to bug those who committed this crime against my mother.

I was only able to skim your site – I look forward to reading it completely later.

Sharon Denney

Stories of Denial