Britney faces two psych evaluations

Jan Heger
March 10, 2008 ( Britney Spears’ conservatorship hearing has concluded, after a physician’s report on the singer’s status was submitted and attorney Samuel Ingham gave the court an update on her well-being.

Brit faces not one but two psychiatric evaluations in May, as both the probate court (where her conservatorship case is heard) and family court have requested one. The family court will hear the results on May 6, while the probate court will go over an evaluation on the 29th.

Otherwise, lawyers for all sides are expected back on April 17 to discuss a matter near and dear to their hearts, attorneys’ fees. Two new lawyers were approved to be brought on for Brit’s issues: Jorge Hernandez, who will serve as a consultant for matters on the conservatorship (at $25,000) and Tom Hansen, an entertainment lawyer who will receive $15,000 a month.