Fraudsters, even family members, prey on elderly

“You would not believe some of the stuff we see.”

Those are the comments of an Ottawa detective assigned to her department’s elder abuse section.  The article below once again provides great examples of the same type cases that occur daily in the U.S. 

The Canadian press appears to write regularly on this topic.  The American press is getting better.  Do the Canadians give more attention to Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases because their incident rate is higher? 

Canada is a more socialistic country.  Does this cause increased numbers of IRA cases as people become more comfortable living off the resources of others (i.e., via governmental or other involuntary providers)?  It’s hard to say.

As many Americans become more socialistic in their expectations that government or someone else should meet their needs and wants, will we begin seeing more IRA cases?  That’s scary to think!

Take a look at this — form your own opinion.