Financial elder abuse (Part 2) – sometimes it starts in the home

As a final note regarding financial elder abuse and Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases, we want to put forth the prudent reminder that while adult children, caregivers and other “fast friends” are potential sources for fiscal fiendery, the elderly targeting each other is a common though not so regularly discussed scenario. 

The article listed below discusses how financial elder abuse can start at home, how a caretaker involved in the daily life of an individual is well positioned to perpetrate harm.  We would add that longevity is regularly leaving people in a widow/widower position sometimes leading to late-in-life marriages. Love’s supposed to be great at any age, but don’t ever mistake that these marriages can be serious breeding grounds for financial elder abuse culprits seeking IRA opportunities. 

Sometime soon we’ll talk about the dangers of support groups for the grieving.  But for now — forewarned is forearmed!