Financial elder abuse a common IRA case component

We recently came across a web site called Spotlight on Elder Abuse (  The site appears to have an international scope and links to some good information.  We know that Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases occur throughout the U.S., but reading the case history which inspired the establishment of this site also serves as a reminder that IRA can and does happen across the globe.

This site also tipped us off to a Cowlitz County (Washington) IRA case in which a Montana man was arrested in December for embezzling $500,000 from his parents.  Here are links to the original articles regarding this case:  

Estate of Denial applauds the combined effort of law enforcement and financial institution personnel in addressing this situation. We also hope to see a continuation of the trend in which these cases are handled as the legitimate criminal offenses of which they are rather than being downgraded to civil matters that too often are not pursued due to intimidation by the legal system and/or a lack of resources for private litigation.  EoD believes that IRA activities may not continue as quite so appealing an endeavor if estate looters recognize that criminal charges, even jail time, could be a consequence of their activities.