Undue influence as a form of elder abuse

Elder abuse is often a component of the Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases discussed on this web site.  While the abuse in our cases is usually emotional or financial instead of physical, it still is a devastating action which no one should experience. 

Margaret Singer Ph.D. was a clinical psychologist and emeritus adjunct professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.  She was a nationally renown expert on cults, brainwashing and persuasion.  In her later years, Dr. Singer became interested in elder abuse as she began seeing increased cases in which older people were experiencing problematic consequences due to undue influence being exerted in their lives. 

One reason more of these cases are surfacing is due, according to some sources, to 85-plus being the fastest growing age group in America.  A logical extrapolation can be made that an increase in elderly people can translate into an increase in elder abuse.  EoD, however, thinks that today’s culture complete with its entitlement and “all about me” mentality is also contributing to the increase.  This also is a partial impetus for the growing number of IRA cases.

Here are three links that put forth Dr. Singer’s views regarding the elderly, undue influence and thought control.  For many of us, the tactics described are recognizable from our own IRA situations.  If you haven’t had such an experience, read and learn so that perhaps those in your life can avoid being targets of undue influence and the oft life-changing consequences.