Oops, hope it doesn’t happen again!

Britney Spears.  No one can deny that this is one troubled young woman.  Sadly, though, her problem quota likely increased this week with the appointment of her father, Jamie Spears, and an attorney as co-conservators of her estate.  Obviously the girl needs the intervention of responsible adults into her life.  She most likely does need protection from herself.  It is just sincerely hoped that this sad situation does not become a venue for exploitation and opportunism.  Cynicism and mistrust become reflexive reactions after experiencing individuals who come into a situation and use legal instruments or the legal system to extract from an estate assets that were clearly designated to go elsewhere. 

EoD came across an entry in an Adventures in Human Rights blog (http://www.siliconvalleyhumanrights.com/2008/02/sex-lies-but-no-videotape.html) that mentioned how a group interested in creating awareness regarding probate corruption was going to picket outside the courthouse in which Spear’s case was being heard.  Upon reading this latest Britney development, we also had an “oops, hope it doesn’t happen again” moment in hoping Britney does not become the next high profile Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) target. 

We’ll watch this case with regard to the probate aspect and keep you posted.