New and improved Estate of Denial!

While 2008 is poised to be a challenging year, positive developments often result from difficult situations. Here at Estate of Denial, we are not afraid of hard work and look forward to a future abundant with opportunities to expose Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) actions and practitioners. Through these efforts, we hope to create awareness that ultimately leads to probate policy reform and exposure of the dark culture surrounding this industry. This web site is designed to be a tool for anyone interested in assisting with these goals.

Over the months, EoD has enjoyed hearing from folks across the country. Amazing how the stories have so many similarities. As our IRA experience is in our home state of Texas, learning more about the Texas probate system has become a priority. With that, a piece entitled “Grave” Problems in Texas: Looting Assets of the Dead and Disabled provides perspective from Texas residents and probate court officials regarding the effectiveness and integrity of our state’s probate system.

Special thanks to Ed Snook at US~Observer ( for his commitment to accountability in our legal system and for his specific interest in the IRA issue.