Recent headlines

Recent headlines announce how Anthony Marshall, the 83-year-old son of socialite and philanthropist Brooke Astor, has been indicted on charges that he looted his mother’s $198 million estate and induced her to sign a new will leaving her fortune to him. (

A New York district attorney says the indictment charges that Marshall and his attorney “took advantage of Mrs. Astor’s diminished mental capacity in a scheme to defraud her and others out of millions of dollars.” Prosecutors claim Marshall had Mrs. Astor amend her will so as to leave him more than $60 million that she previously had designated for charity.

Estate of Denial says this sounds like another case of Involuntary Redistribution of Assets. Medical technology is great, but as advances allow people to outlive their capacity to make sound decisions or recognize coercion, IRA cases will become more prevalent. This issue must be addressed so as to thwart, or at least make more difficult, for frauds and grifters to loot the rightful and often hard-earned assets of decent, honest Americans.