On this Thanksgiving Eve

On this Thanksgiving Eve, Estate of Denial is appreciative of much.  What an incredible experience to live in this land where freedom and legitimate opportunities are abundant.  With so much to gain via honest and legal means, the Involuntary Redistribution of Assets activities we highlight become even more tawdry and illustrative of a well-populated dark side of our society.

At Estate of Denial, we are especially thankful:

  • To have been born into a family in which self-sufficiency and a strong work ethic was expected.
  • To live in an environment in which opportunity is only limited by one’s own unwillingness for self-improvement
  • To believe that a moral compass is important and that principles of right and wrong are not to be adjusted based upon an agenda immersed in self-interest and expediency.
  • To have the honor to call as friends people willing to publicly take a stand against the self-serving and corrupt among us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!