Good news from the Texas Office of Court Administration

Good news from the Texas Office of Court Administration (OCA)!  A phone conversation with Sandy Mabbett of the OCA concluded with her agreeing to send the requested probate court fee authorization reports to Estate of Denial (EoD) in the upcoming days.  She indicated that the records are public records, regardless of what rule under which they are requested, and that, in her opinion, Bell County certainly could have provided them (Section 36).  EoD agrees and believes the Bell County denial to be nothing more than government using a technicality to avoid taxpayer accountability.  This reminds us that as election time approaches, we’ll definitely need to support and highlight as we can candidates (and incumbents) who support open government rather than those who engage in taxpayer-subsidized gamesmanship.  Meanwhile, we do appreciate responsive and functionally helpful employees like Sandy Mabbett who appear to recognize and respect the public’s right to open government.